Curriculum Maps

Teme Class operate a two year rolling programme. Please find below a link to this terms curriculum map.

all about me

•    Will be able to describe problems they encounter and begin to suggest ways to solve problems
•    Will begin to use elements of the ‘plan-do-review’ process
•    Will talk about how to get better at things through effort and practice
•    Engages in opportunities to look through their Learning Journey, and talk about what they did well and what they need to work on to improve (Know green great/think pink).
•    In phonics, begin to improve and edit.
•    Know what tricky words or phonics they are learning next

Teachers will each term consider the curriculum map and make changes to meet the needs of each cohort.

Maths Assessment

Stottesdon school has devised it's own unique maths assessment to be in line with the national curriculum.

Each area is colour coded and your child will know which colour they are working on. A copy of this will be stuck in your child's classroom and homework books to ensure that the goals are clear.

A child needs to be secure on the vast majority of aspects before moving onto the next stage.  Where possible, we will aim for 'mastery' of elements.  This is where a child's understanding is embedded and rapid so they can apply their skills to a range of contexts.

Please click on the tabs for full details of each area.


As with maths, Stottesdon school works within it's own reading and writing assessments, which are again colour coded for each year group.

Please click on the tabs for the full details.