Our team of voluntary governors includes six parent, six community, three staff and our Head is also a governor.

We all meet twice a term and also attend either the Standards, Personnel and Curriculum Committee or Finance and Premises Committee at least each half term. In these meetings we are responsible for the long term management of our school including student and staff performance. We also take responsibility for supporting departments or special issues such as Looked After Children.

We have strong relationships with other governors, both through County Training/briefing and our local family of partner primary schools. We aim to build strong partnerships with our community through attendance at parents' evenings and at school events. Please express any views to us through the school.

  • ​The current Chair of Governors is Mr Richard Forrester
  • The Vice Chair of Governors is Mr Robert Edwards
  • The Chair of the Finance and Premises Committee is Mr Robert Edwards
  • The Chair of the Standards, Personnel and Curriculum Committee is Mr Pete Howman
  Type of Governor Term of Office Ends Committee
Mr Darren Reynolds Head n/a SPC / F&P
Mr Daniel Bird Staff 26/11/2019 SPC
Mr Nick Houghton Staff 26/11/2019 F&P
Mrs Susan Broad Staff 16/01/2018 SPC
Mrs Gaynor Gosling Community 01/10/2018 SPC
Mr Peter Howman Community 17/11/2017 SPC
Mrs Elisa Quickenden Community 17/02/2020 SPC
Mr Mark Greaves Community 25/01/2019 SPC
Mr Evan Gillespie Parent 01/11/2021 F&P
Mr Robert Edwards Parent 25/09/2019 F&P
Mr Richard Forrester Parent 17/11/2017 SPC / F&P
Mr James Hilton Community 31/08/2020 F&P
Mr Stephen Hinton Parent 23/11/2020 SPC
Mr Tony Kinsey Parent 15/12/2019 F&P
Mrs Julia Priscott Community 15/02/2021 SPC

​SPC - Standards, Personnel and Curriculum Committee

FP - Finance and Premises Committee