We used our pencils in different ways to create the lighthouse sketches.  We realised that we could create different shades by changing the amount of pressure that we used on our pencil.  To sketch our pictures, we used lots of small marks until we were happy with the shapes that we had created.



We worked in groups and used a search engine to find out information about a country of our choice.  We had to type what we wanted into the search engine and then look carefully at the different websites that came up.  We read the small amount of information that was displayed to see if the website was right for us.  

Making Bread

To launch our topic of "The Great Fire Of London" we made bread. It was a very hard work because we had to mix and knead it by hand. Luckily, the bread smelt and tasted delicious. 


We looked at ourselves in a photograph and noticed the different shapes we could see.  Then, we lightly sketched our face and body and thought about the shape of the different features on our faces.  After that, we mixed orange, white and green to make the perfect skin colour. Next, we mixed red and green to make brown for our hair colour. Finally, we carefully painted ourselves.


We looked at lots of portraits by Picasso and found out the he wanted to paint more then one profile at a time.  We then looked at the “Weeping Woman” and saw how he used different shapes to represent different features.  This inspired us to create our own Picasso style portraits.

Multi Sports

On Wednesday, 4th October we visited Lacon Childe and took part in a Multi sports event.  The event was run by Lacon Childe children and they taught us how to play lots of different sports.  We played football, rugby, hockey and tennis.  We had a lovely time.

We were very lucky because we were allowed to visit St. Mary’s Church in Cleobury Mortimer.  We discovered that it had changed shape many times over the years with parts of it being nearly 1000 years old.  We saw a whole cupboard full of special clothes that were worn at different times of the year.   The stained glass windows helped the people that could not speak Latin understand the readings.  St Mary’s also has painting on the walls to keep the people interested.  We found a mistake on the big stained glass window.  Do you know where it is?


We looked carefully at the castle on our playground and noticed that it had been built on top of a hill. Then we climbed to the top of the castle and realised that we could see into the distance. It also made it really easy to see the attackers and they were out of breath when they reached the castle because they had to climb up the hill.

Start of Term

We really enjoyed playing board games with our parents and carers when they came into class at the start of term.  We loved showing them around our new classroom and introducing our parents to Mrs Mountjoy and Mrs Skellern. We also had baked cakes and were very excited to eat them when we got home.



We were learning all about algorithms and discovered that an algorithm was an instruction.

We went outside and practised creating algorithms to direct our partner to different points on the playground.  When the algorithm went wrong, we had to “de-bug” the algorithm.

        Bar Models

We had a lovely afternoon teaching our parents and carers how to use the bar model to solve             addition and subtraction problems.  The parents really enjoyed using the concrete resources to             help them work out the answers too.

Birds of prey

We were very excited when special visitors came to our school.  We had to sit very quietly so that they were not scared.  We found out lots of interesting information about different birds of prey and heard the owl hoot and saw his sharp, powerful talons as he flew to his perch.  Some children were lucky enough to hold them.

Castle day

To celebrate the end of our topic we had a Knights, Princesses and dragons day. First, we made dragons using junk modelling techniques.  Then, we created some music for the Queen to dance to.  Next, we bowed and curtsied to our partner before we performed our dance.   Finally, we got changed into our dressing up clothes and pretended to be Knights by playing jousting style games.


To celebrate the end of our topic we made a traditional gingerbread using bread, honey, water, ginger and cinnamon.  We found out that gingerbread was very different to the modern version. It was much more like a sweet and was eaten by people as a treat.


We could not believe our eyes when it snowed but had brilliant fun making snowmen.