Cleobury Gateway Nursery

Nursery - Spring Plan 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


Although planning has to be fluid and ever changing in early years, reacting to the needs and interests of the children, we have topic ideas for each half term to use as a starting point for our activities.  Below are some questions that will focus our learning and development activities next term. 

Half Term


What will we do?

Our work is cross curricular and will incorporate the seven areas of learning for the EYFS.

Spring 1

Journey to Space


  • What is space?  Where is it?  What does it look like?


  • Aliens –Are they real?  What might they look like/do?


  • Humans- What are we?  How are we similar/different from each other?


  • Chinese New Year– activities and experiences.

Spring 2

Growing Gardens


  • What things are in gardens?


  • How do plants grow?


  • What would we want in our own garden?


  • Planting our own gardens and watching them grow.


  • Easter– activities and experiences.


We are very excited about all of the activities we are going to do next term!  If you have any talents, skills or information that may be useful to our topics, please let one of us know!